Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are a feminine hygiene product that completely replaces tampons and pads. How to understand and choose the right menstrual cup that is suitable for you?

What is a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cup is a conical bowl, which is placed in the vagina to collect menstrual flow.

Menstrual Day Cup

What is a menstrual period cup?

Menstrual cups are a unique means for intimate hygiene. It is better to buy a menstrual cup once and do not spend money on pads and tampons for 10 years!

Female menstrual cup is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard intimate hygiene products, such as tampons and pads.

Ordinary tampons simply absorb moisture, and the menstrual cup collects it. Such a cup is inserted, as is the tampon.

When inserted into the vagina, the menstrual cup opens completely, blocking the female flows during the menstruation.

Menstrual cups are created for the comfort of feminine hygiene. Women’s menstrual cup is made of medical silicone, which makes its use profitable, practical and absolutely safe.

The surface of the cup is smooth, due to which bacteria are not collected on it, which contributes to the preservation of the natural vaginal environment.

The structure of the cup allows you to accommodate a larger volume of liquid than similar bowls. A dense ring opens much faster and more reliably.

The round tail is absolutely not felt inside, it does not irritate the skin and is not pricked. Is it comfortable? Absolutely! It is very comfortable and practical!

Many women choose to use menstrual cups because:

Menstrual Cup Easy to use

Anyone who has used tampons, especially the kind without applicators, should have little trouble learning how to insert a menstrual cup. If you’ve ever used a diaphragm for birth control, you’ll have even less trouble learning how to use your new cup.

Menstrual Cups are safer

Because menstrual cups collect, rather than absorb, blood, you’re not at risk of getting toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a rare bacterial infection associated with tampon use, which may disturb the delicate pH and bacterial balance in your vagina.

Menstrual Cup it’s budget

You pay a one-time price for a reusable menstrual cup — unlike tampons or pads, which have to be continually bought and can cost upward of $100 a year. Some cups are designed for long-term use – even years

Menstrual Cup it’s eco friendly

Reusable menstrual cups can last a long time, which means you’re not contributing more waste to the environment. Lower costs and less landfill waste. Since you can reuse them, there’s less waste to clog up our landfills and fewer trees.

Menstrual cup price

The price of menstrual cup on the site Amazon is from $ 2 to $ 150.  Why there is such a big difference in price? It’s the matter of what material the cup is made of.  When by manufacturing a high-quality menstrual cup, a special medical silicone is used, this cup is completely safe for your health!

The average cost of a menstrual cup of a good brand is $ 15-25.  This is not so expensive, especially if you compare its price with the cost of tampons or pads.  If you change the pad or tampon as expected (every 4 hours), then for one menstruation you will need 30 pieces.

Menstrual Cup

Use of the Menstrual Cup?

Before using your cup for the first time you should sterilize the cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. In this case, the water in which the cup is placed should boil for about one minute. Remember not to let the cup touch the bottom of the pot.

Schematically, the process of inserting and removing the cup is indicated on the images:

How to use a menstrual cup?

Instructions for inserting:

  • Wash your hands well before inserting the cup
  • By inserting use water or grease
  • Fold the silicone cup twice
  • Insert the cup into the vagina in the folded form
  • Then the cup will open itself in the vagina

Removal Instructions:

  • Feel the base of the cup
  • Click on the cup on the side
  • Grab the cup with two fingers
  • Remove the vacuum from the cup
  • Remove the cup from the vagina
Menstrual Period Cup

Menstrual cup how to use?

The principle of the menstrual cups is very simple. Being inside the female body, the menstrual cups fit snugly against the walls of the vagina, not allowing moisture to leak out. Pulling the handle or the ring, the menstrual cap is conveniently removed and emptied.  After that, it is again ready for use. The manufacturer recommends changing the cup after 5-10 years of use.
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Menstrual cups have been shown to leak less on average, have fewer health risks than standard disposable products, and are generally comfortable to wear.

To use a menstrual cup, squat with your legs apart.Menstrual Day Cup

You’re interested in using a menstrual cup?

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You can use the menstrual cup without taking it off until 8-12 hours, and this is much longer than traditional hygiene products.


With the correct insertion of the menstrual cup, you will absolutely not feel it.  You can go in for sports and wear any linen and clothes.


Thanks to the material from which the cup is made, it is easy to take care of.  Absolutely smooth surface of the bowl will allow you to easily clean it.


The menstrual cup can be used with any type of contraceptives.


The menstrual cup is made of medical silicone.  It does not dry out the mucous membrane.


The period of use of the cup is about 10 years, which makes it possible to significantly save funds for intimate hygiene.

Menstrual Cups Popular Brands

There are a lot of manufacturers of the menstrual cups, they are different in shape and composition of which the cup is made.  We recommend you to buy a menstrual cup of proven manufacturers, so pay attention to such brands.

Best menstrual cups:

  • Diva Cup
  • Lena
  • Blossom
  • Dutchess
  • Lunette
  • Athena
  • Intimina
Menstrual Cup


When you purchase a menstrual cup always check the quality certificates. Do not buy cheap menstrual cups because you don’t know what material they are made from.

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