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5 Tips To Stop Grinding Teeth During Sleep

By April 1, 2016 No Comments

There are a lot of people there who involuntarily grind their teeth during their sleep. Both adults and children are known to grind their teeth at night and making gnashing noises. But the grinding of teeth occurs not because these people are dreaming. It is a medical condition and a sleep disorder known as bruxism. The involuntary grinding of teeth would lead to the destruction of these tiny bones. Here are some tips on how to prevent yourself from grinding your teeth involuntarily.

Avoid getting stressed

Stress is the leading cause of bruxism. People involuntarily grind their teeth at night because they are stressed. You always have to take time to relax and unwind whenever you are stressed. Take yoga classes, do some renovation, take a vacation, or go to the spa parlor these are just some things you could do to avoid getting stressed.

Get a lot of sleep

Getting enough sleep every day can help a lot in reducing the tendencies of teeth grinding. You should at least get seven hours of sleep if you are a full-grown adult and at least eight hours of sleep if you are a teenager or younger. Getting enough sleep will also boost your immune system and improve your dental health aside from preventing the grinding of your teeth.

Avoid caffeinated drinks

Caffeinated drinks like coffee, hot chocolate and sodas can enhance the grinding of your teeth. That is why you have to avoid them. People, especially those who have to stay awake at work, rely a lot on caffeinated drinks. But even if you need to consume these drinks you have to learn how to live without them. Think of the welfare of your teeth.

Avoid alcohol

Aside from caffeinated drinks, you might also want to avoid alcohol. Alcohol also has some contents that make bruxism a lot worse. If you care for your teeth, you really have to stay away from wine, rum, beer, and other types of alcoholic drinks.

Go to the dentist

You also have to consider paying for general family dentistry services. Your teeth might be grinding with each other probably because they are not aligned well. The grinding of teeth might also be caused by a misaligned jaw. The dentist could file your teeth or install some corrective devices like braces or retainers. He can also align your jaw so that you would not have to worry about your teeth getting destroyed because of grinding.

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