All cups differ in size and shape in the same way as the vagina.

Again, most people do not really know their shape, and therefore do not know which menstrual cup will best be located inside (you should not feel the cup inside of you too much, and, moreover, it should not cause pain). Determining the shape of your vagina is not a simple matter, even for doctors.


Best Menstrual Cup for You:

  1. MeLuna
  2. Lena Cup
  3. Luna Cup
  4. DivaCup

Best Menstrual Cups For Beginners

If you do not know what kind of vagina you have – non-standard large or small, you should follow this classification and choose the appropriate cup. (Some allowances distinguish between large and small cups by the age of 30. This is absurd: if you choose between A and B, be guided by the fact of maternity experience.)

How to Choose a Menstrual Cup – For Beginners and Pros

Basically, menstrual cups come in two basic sizes: large and small (often referred to as A and B). Different companies differently define these sizes, but, basically, large cups are designed for people who have already experienced childbirth, and small ones for those who have not yet given birth. In addition, large cups hold more blood, but for most people who have not yet experienced childbirth, they are uncomfortably large.

Best Menstrual Cups On Amazon:

MeLuna Classic

$ 29,95

1 Menstrual Cup
  • Made in Germany
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Does NOT contain Phthalates
  • Very comfortable short round stem

Lena CupMost Popular

$ 39,90

1 Menstrual Cup
  • Perfect for teens and adults
  • 7-days per week customer support
  • Donations program
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Made in USA, California

Luna Cup

$ 18,99

2 Menstrual Cup
  • 1 large menstrual cup and 1 small cup
  • 2 lovely silky bags to carry them
  • Comfortable and very effective
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Diva Cup

$ 25,32

1 Menstrual Cup
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Leader for over 15 years
  • Made in Canada

The best menstrual cup for beginners is MeLuna Classic

MeLuna Classic


The sturdy MeLuna Classic is the “golden mean”, as it can be folded as easily as it is easy to open from the inside, and it can be of different sizes. It is also easy to clean.

We believe that the MeLuna is the perfect start to your search, because it hits right to the point when it comes to strength, size and shape, it’s easy to bend for insertion and also easy to open and keep open inside.And although all tested cups have at least 2 possible sizes, MeLuna has more options when it comes to choosing the size, shape and strength of your cup.This means that if this one turned out to be imperfect and you do not like any of its characteristics, you can simply replace it, considering the appropriate characteristics, instead of looking for a new one and starting to adapt in all parameters again.

Second place – Lena Cup

Lena Menstrual Cup


For wider vaginas – Lena Cup. Smooth and pleasant to the body silicone, easy to insert and remove. This cap is slightly wider than most cups, and if you have a wide vagina, these cups are your ideal option.The cup Lena is slightly wider and smoother than many others.

The silicone from which it is made is really smooth, which makes its input and extraction to very easy processes. Its “wide” design also helps to prevent women with wider vaginas from flowing, and on its hard-base no blood or impurities are collected, which makes it easier to clean than some cups with a hollow base.

Your best menstrual cup will probably depend on the shape of your vagina. But, after testing, we found out that, in addition to the size, what makes a cup good are also for example, material and shape.

One of the problems in finding the cup that suits you is that not all the vaginas have the same shape. Perhaps you already know which form is yours, but, most likely, not. This means that you most likely do not know what shape of the cup is best for your particular shape of the vagina.

First time using a menstrual cup? Tips for beginners

When choosing your cup, it is much more important to choose the one that suits you in size than to try to find one that can use the maximum amount of time or which can hold more blood. Some people will choose a menstrual cup, looking for one that they will not have to change even on days with the most abundant secretions.

However, this cup can be very inconvenient to use. Unfortunately, the intensity of your menstruation and the size of your vagina does not correlate, that is, you can have a small vagina and at the same time a very plentiful menstruation.

Instead of looking at the volume that the cup can hold, you should try to choose the one that will be most comfortable with.

Also good – Luna Cup

Luna Cup


If you have a really low position of the uterine neck, this is the shortest tested cup of all presented. It is easy to clean, it is easily inserted and extracted. Since it is a bit shorter, it is harder to perform certain variations of the additions.

People with a low uterine neck position often find it difficult to choose a suitable cup, because most of them are too long.MeLuna Shorty is one of the few cups designed specifically for short uterine necks, and, compared to other such tested cups, this has been much easier in the matter of bending, insertion, extraction and purification.

But with such a cup you sacrifice volume – since such a cup is smaller and can hold less blood – but comfort is more important here than the need for a more frequent change of the cup.

Another good option – DivaCup

Diva Cup


For long vaginas – DivaCup. One of the most famous, as well as the largest cups.If you have a long vagina, this is the perfect cup for you – it folds easily, is captured for insertion and extraction, and is cleaned without problems.

DivaCup is the cup with which the majority starts, but we believe that this is not really the best option to begin with, since it is one of the longest cups tested.This means that any woman with an average or short uterine neck will feel uncomfortable.

But, if you have a high cervix, DivaCup is a great option, it is smooth, comfortable and able to hold a large amount of blood. It has a hollow base that can accumulate blood and impurities more easily than cups with a solid stem, but we do not consider this to be a stumbling block.

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Menstrual Cup MeLuna Classic


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