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How diet affects your menstrual cycle

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The menstrual cycle is regulated by hormones just like all the other cyclical processes in the human body. Deviation of hormone levels from the normal; either being too low or too high results in menstrual cycle abnormalities and a not so happy, rather disturbed woman. This is because such irregularities point out towards an underlying systemic problem which is bound to make any woman a little worried about the state of their reproductive health. Important to note is the role diet plays in maintenance of normal hormone levels to ensure a healthy menstrual cycle. These hormones are mainly estrogen and progesterone and their levels can be effectively controlled using diet.

Each of the hormones plays a vital role in the entire concept of menses. Hormonal imbalance may result in premenstrual syndrome, heavy periods or missed periods. How diet is used to achieve hormonal balance is simple. For instance; eat foods rich in estrogen but in regulation to avoid excess estrogen levels. Foods that have great quantities of natural estrogen include legumes such as beans and cow-peas, carbohydrates like wheat and rye as well as fruits and vegetables like pears, apricots, spinach and cabbage. When taken in greater quantities, these high estrogen foods help raise abnormally low estrogen levels.

On the other hand, too much estrogen in the body system also negatively impacts on normal functioning. Fortunately, such a situation can also be contained by use of proper estrogen blocking diet. One way of achieving this is by reducing intake of estrogen rich foods. The second option lies in consuming foods that increase the rate of elimination of estrogen from the body. High fiber, low fat foods accelerate release of estrogen via urine. Moreover, maintaining a normal weight by eating healthy helps to regulate estrogen levels. This is due to the fact that fat cells which are highly present in overweight women are a precursor to high estrogen levels.

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