For many women, removing a menstrual cup is the hardest part of using it. It will become easier with practice, but let’s consider now some menstrual cup removal tips that will clarify this process for you.

Menstrual cup removal tips

First of all wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap.

Find a comfortable position. For some people, this may be squatting, standing, standing with one leg raised or sitting with the tailbone tucked under. Choose the most comfortable variant for you. You should be fine removing the menstrual cup in the same position that you commonly use to insert it.

All you need to do now is to squeeze the bottom of the cup, particularly the ridges, which is there for gripping purposes. Doing this will release the suction, allowing you to eliminate the grip of the menstrual cup from your vagina. Releasing the suction will make it effortless for you to pull the cup out. If you are having a problem pulling it out, you can carefully rock the cup from side to side once you feel that the suction is gone.

Sometimes women have trouble removing the cup because it is so far inside the vagina that they cannot get a hold of the bottom or stem. Don’t worry, the cup can’t get lost in the vagina; the only way it can go is out. You can try pushing down the cup using your vaginal muscles. For a more effective result, stand up and push down. Another way is by supporting your leg up so you can easily reach into your vagina and get a good grip on the stem of the cup. Just don’t panic and take a deep breath.

Stems on menstrual cups play a huge role in easing the removal of a menstrual cup. The different types serve different purposes for users, but they are all there as a feature of the cup that is easy to grip and pull the cup out with. The purpose of the stem is to help you reach the cup’s bottom until you can and pinch it to break the seal. The stem helps but it is usually a bit soft or stretchy, it is not there for being pulled on and we wouldn’t recommend it. If you feel the stem is too long when the menstrual cup is inserted you can cut it.

After removing your cup and emptying the contents, simply wash the cup under cold or warm water and then re-insert. If you do not have access to water, you can wipe it with some tissue or simply reinsert it directly after emptying it. But make sure to rinse it at your next available opportunity. It is strongly recommended to sterilize your menstrual cup after each cycle and keep it in a special bag in a dry place.

Menstrual cup removal

The entire removal process is easy, but this may also depend on the type of cup that you’re using.

How to insert and remove a menstrual cup

It may take you some time to find the menstrual cup that works best for you, every woman is different. The cups and methods of removing them, which are comfortable for other women, can be not comfortable and useful for you, and that is normal.

Make sure to try new and different cup every time you feel that it’s not the right cup for you. You should try different brands, sizes and designs before make your decision. This way, you’ll get to find what type of cup works and what’s not.

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