So, you have already chosen the right menstrual cup for your body and flow, and now you are faced to the problem of how to insert your cup correctly.

Usually all menstrual cups come with really easy-to-follow directions. You should read the instructions thoroughly before starting to use your cup.

Inserting a menstrual cup

Menstrual Cup Insertion

First of all you have to understand that the most important thing when dealing with a menstrual cup is being really patient and calm. You may need some time and tries to do it properly, and it’s completely normal, don’t worry if you fail from the very beginning or feel discomfort. You will learn soon, you just need some time and practice.

Menstrual cup insertion tips

Here are some useful tips that will help you to insert your menstrual cup correctly:

  1. Don’t hurry and take your time. First you should be relaxed, because if you are in a hurry or being nervous, your vagina muscles will be tense and it can make the inserting of a menstrual cup much more difficult and even painful in some occasions. You also can take a warm shower before, it will help your muscles to relax ae well. So find a comfortable position and relax. You may can try squatting, sitting or standing up.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly. The inserting of a menstrual cup is a very delicate and hygienic process, and you must to be careful about your health. You also may apply water-based lubricant if it is necessary for your cup or vagina. The lubricant should be non-toxic and approved for use with intimate products. Don’t use vegetable oils or any other unnatural lubricant as it can damage your cup and it also can cause you risk for a variety of vaginal infections and irritations.
  3. There are different folding techniques for your menstrual cup and you can choose any of them. Each fold is unique and has its benefits and some work well just for specific menstrual cup brands while others don’t. You need to discover the best variant for you by yourself, just try different and choose afterwards.

Fold your cup, hold the folded sides with the bell upwards and stem down, then insert your menstrual cup into your vagina. A cup doesn’t sit as high as a usual tampon so you don’t need to push it in as far. Usually the cup placement depends on where your cervix is located (you can have high or low cervix) at the time of your period. If you can feel that one side of the cup is flattened or folded inwards you will need to try again. If the cup is leaking, it most likely is not inserted adequately and you need to remove and insert it several times before knowing your body complexion and the right fit specifically for you.

If you are sure you have inserted your menstrual cup right but still feel as if the cup is loosen or going to fall out, you need to consider the variant if you did choose the cup in the wrong size and design. These factors are also very important for the right insertion of your menstrual cup and your comfort.

If you have done everything right, your cup won’t leak and you even won’t be able to notice it is in your body, and won’t feel any pain or discomfort.
It may seems to be very difficult, but in fact, after several attempts, you will understand that it is not difficult at all. Be patient: as with anything else that is new, it can take some time before you get the hang of it. For some it takes a few days, for others a few cycles.

Menstrual cup insertion diagram

how to use a menstrual cup with pictures

Menstrual cup insertion video

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