The menstrual cups are gradually gaining market share from pads and tampons – because there are practically no contraindications to their use. The menstrual cup is a small container in the form of a bell with a stem or “tail”, with the help of which it is extracted.

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The stem can be of different shapes, and in most cases, it can be shortened with scissors to a comfortable length. In each bowl there are ventilation holes for air: they are arranged so that the blood cannot flow through them – but thanks to them the bowl cannot create a vacuum and “suck”.


Manufactured cups are from medical silicone or thermoplastic elastomer. Despite the apparent compactness, their capacity is serious: 25-37 milliliters. This is quite a lot, because the average volume of menstrual flow is 35 ml for all menstruation, and menstruation with the loss of 80-100 ml of blood is considered abundant.

Menstrual Cup is advised to be emptied once every 12 hours on average, cleaning it with soap and water

The choice of cup depends on the tone of the vaginal muscles. For example, soon after childbirth or at an older age, it can be reduced – and then it is better to choose a cup of a larger size. Any woman can use such a device if it is convenient for her – and if there are proper conditions for this, for example a toilet equipped with a sink in the office. We chose popular, beautiful and innovative options and examined their features.

Menstrual Cup Reviews Comparison

Menstrual Cup Mooncup

This is the first menstrual bowl that appeared on the market, and it has many statuses and awards. The main differences between Mooncup are small (in comparison with other cups) air holes and a rather narrow bezel. The cup is available in two sizes (A and B) and is only sheer.

Menstrual Cup LadyCup

This cup of medical silicone is especially hygienic – and all because it has a very smooth surface, which reduces the risk of its colonization by bacteria. The upper part and the rim of the cup are denser and elastic, although the thickness of the silicone is the same over the entire length.
LadyCup can be chosen from two sizes (S and L) and seventeen colors – including black and gold.

Menstrual Cup Yuuki

The Czech brand produces cups of different hardness variants – Classic and Soft in two sizes; you can choose a set of a pair of cups – bigger and smaller one. In addition to transparent, there are iridescent cups, the pattern on which never repeats.

The peculiarity of this bowl is in its vent holes: there are four of them, they are under the rim and are beveled from top to bottom, from the inside outwards. This helps the air to circulate more quickly inside the bowl and facilitates its opening. For those who want to assess the volume of their menstrual flow, there are two labels on the inside of the cup: 5 ml and 10 ml.

Menstrual Cup Lunette

Although it is believed that menstrual cups cannot be used by virgins, the Lunette cup of the smaller of two sizes is recommended, including those girls who did not have penetrative sexual contacts. The stems of these cups are thin, soft and flat, so they are easily removed and without any discomfort. There are two liquid level lines – 7 ml and 15 ml, they are located outside, like the brand name – and this is a significant plus, it is much easier to clean such a cup.

Menstrual Cup Femmecup

In this brand, menstrual cups are uniform in size and only transparent; on the surface there are marks corresponding to 5 and 10 ml. Capacity – only 15 ml, so for girls with abundant flow the cup may not be very comfortable; but due to the small size it will suit even teenagers.
The cup Femmecup features an unusual design: in addition to the usual bezel is also wide one. Due to this, the bowl is denser at the top and easier to open. Lines for grasping begin on the base of the bowl and continue on the stem – they are arranged in a spiral.

Menstrual Cup Meluna

Cup shorty S size is the smallest menstrual bowl in the world, and a size XL bowl is suitable, for example, for women with very heavy menstruation and significantly weakened pelvic floor muscles. But this is not enough: from the range of Meluna you can choose a cup of a certain level of softness – Soft, Classic or Sport.

Finally, this is the only manufacturer that allows you to choose the most convenient kind of element for grasping – in the form of a ring, ball or stem – or an option without it at all.

Menstrual Cup FemmyCycle

The American cup is of a very unusual shape, which has a lid and a ring for grasping. It is available in three sizes: for adolescents, for women with low-lying cervix and for all others. This cup does not need to be straightened in the vagina, like the other cups, which for this turn around their axis; Thanks to the intuitive design, it reveals itself.

Menstrual Cup Victoria’s Love

The peculiarity of the cup is in its tail. More precisely, in the ball, which is inserted into this tail and works as a cork. If you move it down, then holes will open, through which the contents of the cup merge – that is, it is not necessary to take it out every time.

This cup is not suitable for women with a low cervix, because a long tail cannot be cut. Victoria’s Love is available in two sizes and is extremely transparent.

The world is finally beginning to recognize that menstruation is a normal phenomenon and a part of the life of half of humanity; and we are happy that the choice of products that make life easier during menstruation is constantly growing.

Menstrual Cup MeLuna Classic:

MeLuna Classic


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