Nowadays menstrual cups are getting more and more popular, but still there are a lot of questions and doubts about these feminine hygiene products. Let’s clarify the most important of them and find out all the necessary information for every women.

Menstrual cups for high and low cervix

So you have decided to change your hygiene product and considering menstrual cups as a good alternative.

You have made a really good choice, but before buy a menstrual cup you should study some information about different sizes, brands and of course don’t forget that all bodies are different and every woman has different anatomy and complexion.

Cervical Position: What It Means for Fertility

If you are looking for a best menstrual cup specific for your body, you should know about the position of your cervix — how high or low it is in your body. This factor varies from woman to woman and it even can change based on your fertility levels and whether or not you have ever given birth.

The cervix is a tiny but very important part of female anatomy. Since the cervix is usually relatively high in the vagina and the menstrual cup is placed low in the vagina, the cervix remains above the cup. If the cervix sits low, it may be positioned inside the cup.

cervix high and low

Menstrual cups for low cervix

If you have a low cervix, you should take a shorter cup, that will fits comfortably inside and holds the necessary volume for your flow. If you use a cup that is too long, the base of the cup may stick out of your vagina, which is really uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.

There are some menstrual cups on the market that have been designed specifically for low cervix women, not just the smallest ones.

These are some of them:

  • MeLuna Shorty Low Cervix Cups
  • FemmyCycle Low Cervix Menstrual Cups
  • Formoonsa Cups
  • Merula Cups
  • UltuCup Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

There are also some varieties of the shortest menstrual cups:

  • Lily Cup Compact
  • Luna Cup
  • FemmeCup
  • Selenacup
  • Lunette
  • Lena
  • Super Jennie

As you can see, the choice is pretty good and you have enough variants to choose the best cup for your need and body complexion.

Menstrual cups for high cervix

If you have a high cervix, you should look for a menstrual cup that is longer in length. If the menstrual cup is too short, it is not going to be as easy for you to remove and insert it, and it may not stay in place as well as it should.

If you use a short menstrual cup for high cervix, it can ride up during the course of the day, and you may find it difficult to remove since it is deeper in your vaginal canal.

These are the most comfortable menstrual cups for high cervix:

  • Lily Cup (one of the longer cups available)
  • Luv-Ur-Body model Size Medium
  • DivaCup
  • Ju Ju Cup Size 3 – High Cervix Model
  • Bella Cup
  • Keeper Cup
  • Yuuki Cup Large

No single menstrual cup in the world is going to work for every woman. You should understand it clearly and the choice of specific your menstrual cup depends only on the anatomy factors of your body, the tense of your flow and the feeling of comfort. So, doesn’t matter if you have low or high cervix, the modern feminine hygiene market has all necessary options for both variants and the information given above will surely help you to solve this problem and make your life easier and more comfortable. 

Menstrual Cup MeLuna Classic:

MeLuna Classic


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