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Swimming with Your Period: Tips on How Swim when You Have Menstrual Period

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If you’ve been looking for an answer whether or not “Can you go swimming on your period” you may be confused if you are finding conflicting advice.

Well, the bottom line is this: it’s perfectly OK to go swimming with your period, just as it’s OK to pursue any other physical activity during “that time of the month”.

So, if it’s a perfect beach day, and you discover that you start your period today. No problem! There is no reason why you cannot enjoy a swim in the ocean or in the pool.

EXCEPT if you’re swimming in shark infested waters. Don’t go snorkeling in the ocean if you’re on your period, your chances of being attacked, even by small sharks, is high.

Tips for Swimming With Your Period
The top tip to make your swimming more comfortable is to use a menstrual cup.

You can certainly go swimming with a tampon or even wear a pad, but in my opinion the best option is the menstrual cup. They are much safer and more hygienic than tampons so can be worn for up 12 hours with any flow so more convenient to use with any activity. Tampons and pads tend to soak up the bath water and the blood may start to leak out. Cups hold more flow and have a light suction so do not leak and there is nothing (not even a string) showing outside your body.

Here are some tips to make it more comfortable:


  • Choose a good location. You might be uneasy going into a pool during your period. Although the fear is that you’ll somehow leak or show, you can choose a larger body of water, like a lake or ocean where it’s much less likely anything would be noticed.
  • If you do not feel comfortable with swimming with your period, you could choose to just sunbathe.
  • If possible, wear dark red or black swim bottoms, or find a pair of shorts you don’t mind getting wet (“Oops, careless me, forgot my swim bottoms!”). If you do happen to leak it won’t show as much. Avoid white or yellow.
  • Remember: After swimming while wearing a tampon, even if less than 8 hours, change it! The tampon could have absorbed chemicals, such as chlorine from the water, which could have adverse effects on your health. This increases the chance of Toxic Shock Syndrome and vaginal infections. In any case, it will almost certainly have absorbed water – and that will mean it is more prone to leaking.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable (like you’re about to leak), trust your instincts, and just get out of the water.
  • And ladies, do not be afraid to tell other people that you have your period because they may have other tips and ideas to make you have fun too.

When it comes to menstrual cycles, every woman is different. The decision to swim or not to swim during your period or try out a new method like a menstrual cup really comes down to your personal preference.

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