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What Are The Most Common Reasons For Breast Reduction?

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In most cases, people go for cosmetic surgery because they are not satisfied with their appearance. Cosmetic surgery involves removing or correcting any parts of the body that are displeasing to the owner. In modern medicine, cosmetic surgery is more rampant than in the past. This is because the procedures are accepted in the society and most people are opting to go for them as opposed to living with discomfort.

The most common procedures involve cutting excess muscles or fat or reshaping body parts. They can also involve changing the skin pigment or correcting loose skin. Some procedures such as breast reduction were not as famous due to public perception that big breasts are the best. However, in the present age, some factors may lead to a breast reduction procedure.

The following are reasons that merit you a breast reduction procedure:

  1. If you are a man and you have large breasts that resemble women’s, you can consider the procedure. This may be resulting hormonal imbalance, or it could be a result of being overweight.
  2. If you are experiencing neck pain, make sure you get to the root of the problem. Sometimes large breasts can exert pressure on your upper body and cause neck pain.
  3. If you have recurring back pain, it could be an indication that your breast weight is affecting your back.
  4. If you are self-conscious about the un- proportional appearance that the large breasts may create on you, then you can consider having them reduced.

What you should know before the procedure

Make sure that you do your research well before the procedure. Know if you are qualified for the procedure in terms of physical and psychological health. Look for a qualified surgeon and find out if he or she is available for your procedure. It is important to know what to expect before, during and after the procedure. Make sure that you also consult about insurance and payment modes.

What are the possible side effects?

For most cases, the procedure goes through without any bad side effects. However, you have to know what to expect so that you can heal properly without complications. Some of the possible side effects include; possible scarring, bleeding, different sized breasts, loss of nerve feeling, infection, and bruising. You should seek medical advice if you experience any of the above. If your stitches come off before time, or if you experience any discharge like blood or pus, seek medical advice immediately. The same case applies if you have a fever and any sign of infection.

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